Bad Moon Print Press LLC is an independent art studio rooted in the heart of conflict. It began as an outlet to create artwork inspired by events I had experienced around the world. It quickly turned into so much more than that. Meeting and connecting with people who had stories of their own to share. Stories of hardship, happiness and extreme conflict.
Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope. My aim is to capture these stages in my artwork and share it with those who have the same story.



There are few things in life I’m truly passionate about. One of them being my service as a Green Beret. Another, artwork and design. Throughout the years and trips I’ve done in Special Forces, I’ve started to love documenting these memories through my artwork. Both through literal and abstract means. I believe in the old school/traditional method of sketching, erasing, sketching more and erasing more until I have it right. When the piece is finished, I’ll then digitize the artwork for use across all mediums.